How To Optimize Your Facebook Videos For Mobile Viewing

It has been estimated that over 90% of all Facebook users view the website from their mobile devices. This means that anything that you share on the platform has to be optimized for viewing from a mobile device or you stand a chance to miss out on viewership. This has never been truer than for videos. Facebook wants to put itself as a major competitor to the likes of YouTube. Thus, they actively encourageĀ video sharing and even promote video content to the top of your news feed. As a video creator, it is a must for you to optimize your videos for mobile viewing. Let us take a look at how you can do this effectively.

Video Resolution:

As you can see from the above image, the more screen space that your video can occupy, the better it looks. Landscape videos may look good on a laptop screen or when you have your mobile tilted, but on Facebook, when users are scrolling through their news feed, it looks almost tiny. This doesn’t create as much attention as a square or a vertical video. These videos may look horrible when viewed on a tilted screen, but you can be sure that they look amazing on your Facebook feed and is definitely likely to attract more viewership. Do you want more views on your videos? Learn how you can buy Facebook video views to get a nice boost to your videos.

Closed Captions:

People tend to randomly scroll through their Facebook feeds when they are bored. They may be at work or attending a lecture in a classroom. Videos are excellent ways to kill time and so you can be sure that they will stop and watch your videos. However, you can also be very sure that they will have their sound turned off. This means that they will not be able to hear any dialogues or voice-oversĀ in your video. Thus, it is essential to optimize your videos for such mobile viewers by providing subtitles and closed captions on your video. This will enable them to understand and enjoy your videos without having to turn on the sound.

Descriptive Title:

When you give your videos a descriptive title, you are essentially telling your viewers what they can expect when they view your video. On a laptop or a desktop, this may not be too essential as they will be able to scroll through your video, but it is extremely important when viewers view it on their mobile devices. Without a descriptive title they will be left in the dark about what the video is.

3 Great Games to Play With Your Dog

Dogs are one of man’s best companions. They make for great pets and are naturally playful. Dogs learn through playing and you can be sure that your pup is itching to get running around the yard with you. It is also a good idea to play with them regularly as it will keep them healthy and in good physical shape. It will also keep their reflexes sharp. Let us now take a look at 3 great games that you can play with your dogs.


Dogs have always been known to love playing fetch. In the olden days, it would be a simple stick or a bone that you throw as far away as possible and your dog would run after it, grab it and bring it back to you. Nowadays, there are specially designed frisbees meant for dogs to go chasing around and catch. This is much more fun for dogs as the frisbee tends to glide and turn in the air. The frisbee lingers in the air for just a few seconds, which is perfect for your dog to leap up and grab it with its teeth. When you buy a frisbee, make sure it is made of a durable material and is dog-safe.

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Flirt Pole:

A flirt pole is an easy-to-make toy for your dog. All you need is something fluffy, a bit of rope and a long pole. You simply tie the fluffy thing to one end of the rope and the other end to the end of the stick. That’s it! Now you can simply wave around the fluffy thing at your dog and watch him go all excited chasing it. You can make your dog do tricks such as leaping high into the air and passing through hoops when playing this game.

Tug of War:

Tug of War can be an incredibly fun game to play with your dog. As he grows up he will want to exert his strength more and more and this game is the perfect way to let him do it. Be sure to train him not to bite you when he tries to wrench the rope away from your hand. This is an easy way to also train your dog to become well aware that it is definitely not okay to bite any part of you. When he brings his teeth to your skin, be sure to stop playing and act disappointed. He will understand soon enough and remember the lesson for the rest of his life.